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Mental Toughness Training for Golfers

The ability to maintain focus, control emotions and perform under pressure is often the difference between winning and losing. Winning Mind, LLC is a high performance consulting firm dedicated to helping people dramatically improve their ability to perform under pressure.

The Winning Mind Team specializes in identifying and developing Mental Toughness in golfers. We provide bottom-line, practical information based on years of experience working with elite performers in sport. Profile data from our unique WM Assessment process is used to pinpoint your golfers’ strengths and weaknesses and to customize Mental Toughness development plans that improve focus, confidence and commitment on every shot.

The following packages are outlined for golf teams, but they can be customized for golf instruction centers and for individual golfers.

Winning Mind Performance Packages include:

Mental Toughness Training

The first step in developing Mental Toughness. Playing at the top of your game when it really counts requires an understanding of how pressure can negatively impact concentration, emotions and confidence. In this program, your golfers will learn simple techniques that will immediately improve how they handle pressure in any aspect of their game.

Mental Toughness Profiling & Feedback

Your golf team under the microscope. We use our mental game assessment process to develop a complete picture of a player’s psychological strengths and weaknesses. Individual interviews allow for profile debriefs and the setting of developmental goals for improving performance. Coaches gain insights that will help them bring out the best in all their players.

Mental Toughness Development

Ongoing involvement produces lasting changes. We combine Mental Toughness Training and Profiling with one-on-one coaching sessions to develop the complete player. This is the kind of work necessary for a player to take it to the next level.

Mental Toughness Training

Program Length: ½ day

What is Mental Toughness and how does it fit into your golf game? Elite performers in any sport share common mental strengths. They understand the concepts of intensity, focus, confidence, commitment and adaptability. They’ve built these mental elements into every aspect of their performance. Combined with highly developed physical abilities, Mental Toughness becomes the key to championship performance.

Your players will come to appreciate the enormous impact that mental factors have on success and failure. They will see how easily mental mistakes can undermine a solid physical game. Most importantly, they will develop a working knowledge of how pressure creates all sorts of performance headaches. This is a critical first step to mastering techniques for taking care of business when the pressure is on.

For the coach, there is time devoted to trouble-shooting and discussing general strategies for helping golfers improve performance and practice habits.

  1. Learn how elite performers concentrate.
  2. Understand the relationship between paying attention and avoiding mental mistakes.
  3. Learn techniques for improving focus, managing stress and developing confidence.
  4. Q & A session with team.
  5. Coaches troubleshooting session.

Mental Toughness Profiling & Feedback

Program Length: 2-3 days

The Winning Mind Assessment Process is key for developing Mental Toughness. Our performance profiling process combines in-depth player interviews, insights from coaches, and mental game testing. We use The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory to benchmark a player’s mental strengths and weaknesses against those of elite players. This process has improved the performance of Olympic and professional athletes (including amateur and pro golfers from around the world), Navy SEALs, the US Army Special Forces, and Fortune 500 executives. This process has proven especially effective with elite amateur, junior and professional golfers around the world.

Armed with profiles of each of your golfers, we can easily pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses on and off the course. We start with our Mental Toughness Training program and continue with a complete debrief of TAIS results. Players begin to see the implications of high and low scores and how they react under pressure.

Individual player sessions are conducted to provide profile feedback and create a Mental Toughness Development plan. Plans are customized based on profile data to help improve and maintain Focus, confidence, commitment, intensity and adaptability. A final debrief with coaches includes recommendations for ongoing Mental Toughness development and the keys to working optimally with each golfer.

  1. Mental Toughness Training session to provide basic information on performing under pressure.
  2. Winning Mind Profiling Process:
  • Each athlete completes WM Performance Assessment.
  • Individual feedback sessions with athletes to discuss profiles.
  • Feedback session with coaches to talk about bringing out the best in their athletes.

Mental Toughness Development

Program Length: Ongoing

Many golfers who work with us significantly improve their performance after their initial meeting. This isn’t surprising. Becoming aware of important obstacles to peak performance can, by itself, improve one’s game (at least temporarily). But old habits die hard and lasting change can only be made with a commitment to regular mental training. There is no one-minute solution to developing Mental Toughness. Focus, confidence, and commitment that hold up under the toughest conditions are skills that must be built over time.

The WM Development program lasts a minimum of three months, with regularly scheduled sessions every other week (these can be done in person or on the phone). Players and coaches also benefit from on-call service for post-round debriefs, talking through tough times and helping reinforce good habits after successful rounds. We will work with you to get the most out of a player.

  1. Mental Toughness Training.
  2. Mental Toughness Profiling & Feedback.
  3. Ongoing sessions with individuals for Mental Toughness Development targets.
  • Specific objectives outlined with each athlete.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings for long-term performance improvement.
  • On-call service for problem-solving and crisis management.

Program spans three months to one year with lower costs for longer engagements.

For more information, please contact Geoff Miller at

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“Geoff Miller is a tremendous asset to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.  He has a great feel for players and a deep understanding of the game.  Geoff’s involvement helps us bridge the gap between a player’s potential and his on-field performance.”

Brian Graham, Director of Player Development, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2002-2007

“Our relationship with Winning Mind has been both positive and enlightening. They aided our scouting staff with some preparatory work leading up to the 2002 NHL Draft in Toronto and their analysis was helpful as we finalized our list of priority players for draft day. These individuals were professional in every aspect of their business. Winning Mind can be an asset to any organization looking to learn more about its player personnel, both present and future.”

David Poile, General Manager, Nashville Predators

“The clarification and direction Winning Mind gave me regarding the performance of our Major League players was an invaluable tool with “on field” instruction regarding focus and concentration. The TAIS quickly identified areas to address and player response was very positive. A really practical, invaluable tool to improve athletic performance.”

Tim Hewes, 
Performance Enhancement Specialist, 
Toronto Blue Jays, 1989-2002

“Thanks for all your help. The work you did with my kids has made a very meaningful difference in the way that they perform, both on and off the field. As their personal coach, I discovered major flaws in my intuitive approach. I treated them as I am, not as they are. I found the process by which you were able to help them and me understand how they tick to be incredibly accurate and practical, allowing them to improve their performance. Our discussions as to how to capitalize on their strengths were right on target. Everyone who strives to be a better performer should go through your program.”

George Rogers, Past President, San Diego Surf

“The presence of Winning Mind during our pre-season camp emerged as a key ingredient to making the play-offs. They know all aspects of the game well. Winning Mind assisted us in identifying mental strengths and weaknesses, building team spirit and developing a healthy chemistry to maximize our success on the field. Our players felt comfortable talking with their staff and subsequently more confident in assuming their various roles in our team efforts. Winning Mind knows what makes players tick and significantly enhanced their performances on the field.”

Horst Richardson, 
Head Soccer Coach, 
Colorado College

“Winning Mind and its assessment program would be beneficial for any student-athlete. For a coach to provide a program that will teach a student-athlete how to be focused, confident and committed to anything they do is an invaluable tool that young people can take with them in competitive sports and beyond. Based on comments from our coaches in attendance, the presentation of the Winning Mind was one of the most well attended and received educational seminars in recent memory.”

Gregg Grost, 
Executive Director, 
Golf Coaches Association of America

“As Director of Education there is responsibility to find a clear, simple, workable approach to the mental aspect for our sport. Winning Mind was very professional, organized, and dependable. Texas Gymnastics would recommend the techniques of Winning Mind knowing we can all use a mental training coach.”

Cheryl Jarrett, 
Director of Education, 
Gymnastics Association of Texas

“The professional staff at Winning Mind teaches athletes to redefine “winning” and helps to create winners in every sense of the word. To me, their work is invaluable.”

Candace Conradi, 
Vice President, 
Legit Sports, Inc.

“Thank you so much for making a difference in my students. Having been a professional tennis player for thirteen years, I’m very aware of the importance of the mental aspect of the game and in particular, the importance of controlling your emotions. 

It is rare to find somebody that not only points out what you need to improve but actually works extra hard with you to make positive changes happen. Not only have my students benefited tremendously from all your work I too have applied a lot of your knowledge to my own professional and personal life. Winning Mind has made me learn things as a coach and has made me grow in different areas of my life. Thank you Marc for making a difference.”

Angelica Gavaldon, 
Former WTA player, 1987 – 2000, 
Voted best female tennis player 
in Mexican history, 
Represented Mexico in Barcelona and 
Atlanta Olympics, 
USPTA Professional 
Currently coaching top juniors

“In professional tennis, the ability to focus, compete and perform under pressure separates great players from the rest. It has been said that tennis is 80-90% mental yet most players spend only a fraction of their time training their minds. Winning Mind has taught me how to work as hard on my mental game as I do on the physical and technical components of my game. I’ve learned techniques that have improved my focus and mental toughness on the court– techniques that I can apply no matter what the situation. I am grateful to be able to work with Winning Mind.”

Biffy Kaufman, Professional Tennis Player, Captain, Yale Tennis Team

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