Our most common clients are:

  1. Professional and Olympic athletes and teams
  2. Collegiate athletes preparing to be drafted
  3. High School athletes working to earn college scholarships
  4. Serious recreational athletes who want to improve their golf handicaps, tennis games, run marathons, etc.

Here is a list of common reasons we see clients:

  • Not performing up to talent level
  • Too much thinking
  • Choking in pressure situations
  • Controlling emotions
  • Dealing with failure
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Developing a plan
  • Can’t figure out what’s missing
  • Frustrated because working harder doesn’t bring results

Geoff Miller was a great help to me as I established myself in the big leagues. I’ve always taken pride in my preparation and always felt like I was a mentally tough player, but Geoff helped me learn more about myself and gave me simple ways to work on staying focused, patient, and competitive on a daily basis. He constantly challenged all of us to think about how we play the game in ways we had never considered in the past.

Nate McLouth
Atlanta Braves
2008 NL All-Star

Click Here for more Client Testimonials.


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