Benefit from the same performance enhancement methods utilized by Professional and Olympic athletes to improve performance under pressure. No matter what your position or sport, staying focused, confident and committed are essential elements in success. WM Performance coaching retainers include an up-front mental game assessment, scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions (conducted in person or telephonically), and “on call” access to consultants.

— Determine your specific concentration strengths and weaknesses
with the most sophisticated performance enhancement assessment
of its kind.
— Receive comprehensive feedback on your performance profile from
a Winning Mind coach.
— Compare your mental game with the best athletes in the world.
— Develop a systematic plan for improving performance.

“I was fortunate to work with Winning Mind as both an Olympic athlete and business professional.  Winning Mind not only helped me develop the tools to make the US Olympic Team, but more  importantly, enabled me perform at my best during the Games. Winning Mind has helped me transfer  these valuable lessons to my career in International Business. I now feel extremely well equipped to  deal with, and even strive under, the stresses and pressures of the fast paced, multicultural global  work environment. In sum, Winning Mind has helped me hone my mental skills so that I can perform  optimally in high stress/high stakes situations in order to outperform the competition.”

Andrew Hermann
2000 Olympian
US Track and Field

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